Behavioural Profiling


Behavioural Profiling

Uncover your behaviour through Behavioural Profiling to grow both personally and professionally. Extended DISC accredited consultants, Parallel Connections, help you to unmask and discover your true self and to have clarity around your development areas, team and individual interaction and who you are as a leader.

You have no doubt heard about personality profiling which may focus on how a person feels or thinks for example. We believe a more accurate profiling method is Extended DISC ® – EDISC ® – this is a Behavioural Profiling tool which is an algorithm-based questionnaire that is very difficult to manipulate.

What this means is that you can use this questionnaire to test what behavioural style you are and what kind of communicator you are.

EDISC Profiling is considered within the top five psychometric tools used in over 80 countries and the profile identifies 160 different behavioural patterns that measure unconscious behaviour exclusive of your environment.


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EDISC assessments are based on concepts of human behaviour that have been studied by well-renowned psychologists and behavioural theorists. Today its used by organisations globally as part of human resource systems.


Why We Use Behavioural Profiling?


Behavioural profiling is an extremely powerful tool for understanding and motivating people. It provides Insight and awareness for you to be who you are at your most comfortable as opposed to who you think you need to be.


Behavioural Insight

Behavioural profiling is particularly powerful when you have insight into why you act and think the way you do. You get to know yourself and more importantly your unconscious behaviours. 


Self Awareness

It allows for much-improved self-awareness and therefore better performance and relationships with others. Those who are self-aware can interpret their actions, feelings, and thoughts objectively.

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Personal Growth

Behavioural profiling is one of the best ways to grow both personally and professionally. When you understand what your behaviours mean, you can work towards overcoming obstacles and kicking goals.

When you React are are giving away your power.

When you Respond you are staying in control of yourself.”  

Bob Proctor 


How we use The Results


Daneen from Parallel Connections is a qualified accredited practitioner and consultant in Extended DISC.

Once you have completed the EDISC behavioural profile, we then provide a detailed and unique personal analysis report, and interpret these results so that you can put them to good use.

When you understand what your behaviours mean, you can work towards overcoming obstacles and kicking goals.

Let’s look at what some of the most common reports assist with:



Results can be used to match candidates with a job that is both well suited to their personality and skills as well as being something they should find fulfilling.


Career Development and Planning

Not sure if you’re in the right role or how you could get more from it? EDISC can highlight a range of opportunities that might be better suited for you.


Staff Retention

Learn what makes your staff happy and keeps them feeling content in their jobs. The benefit to you is reduced attrition and a happier, more productive office.


Team Dynamics

We know a great team dynamic is beneficial to the workplace but how do you best achieve this? EDISC can help team members better understand one another and help determine which team members are best suited for certain tasks.


Leadership Development

Learn more about your communication skills, willingness to take risks or listen to ideas and self-management. EDISC can help you develop the skills you have to become the leader you want to be.


Personal Empowerment

Learn personal discovery, development and growth, not only in the workplace but in life. Undrstanding your strengths will lead to greater self-confidence

Overall, behavioural profiling helps to highlight leadership characteristics and decision-making habits, behavioural responses and energy drivers which all in turn help leaders and teams to understand one another better, keeping them happier and getting the most out of everyone.


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Who doesn’t want enhanced productivity? Understanding who has which behavioural style in your office can help you achieve it.


Why Parallel Connections? 


At Parallel Connections, we don’t only focus on behavioural profiling; it is one of many tools we use to help people learn about themselves and others.

We specialise in helping enhance team dynamics, personal empowerment, advancing  leadership skills and much more. Our leadership coaching, business coaching and mentoring services can help you to remove blocks and overcome barriers – so that, you can set up your next steps to achieve success on your terms.

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Contact Parallel Connections today to learn more about how Behavioural Profiling can help you to unmask behaviour so that, you or your team can be at your best! 


Our Success Stories

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Daneen Littlejohn has been my mentor over the past year. From the first meeting Daneen’s energy was infectious and she believed in me for who I am.

Over time Daneen has helped me to push my boundaries and believe in myself and achieve my goals.

Thank you Daneen – I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. ”

Paulia Neumann

Empowerment Coaching