Personal Empowerment

Parallel Connections is passionate about supporting you to empower yourself to change the course of your life for the better, so that you feel fulfilled and inspired.

No matter who you are, your beginnings, your education, your lifestyle – we help you to discard expectations or perceived limitations and step into the future you want.

Through mentoring individuals to feel empowered, we hope to contribute to more fulfilled lives that inspire.

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What does Empowering Yourself Achieve?


 “Instead of waiting for one day to arrive you can make a choice in this moment to empower yourself and take charge of your life and what you would like in your life – it’s about not settling and setting expectations for what you will or will not tolerate

Become aware of who you want to be and developing a healthy self-esteem… 

It is about helping yourself to take cation in the moment to achieve:


Owning their strengths and successes


Developing strong self-belief and continually proving how capable they are


Remaining firm in their convictions and establishing themselves as leaders in their field


Continually challenging inequality in the workplace and demanding better


Distancing yourself from discrimination and demanding more from yourself for YOU

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Why should you work with a  Coach?


A Coach is focused and passionate about helping their clients reach their full potential both in the workplace and at home. They understand the unique challenges faced in balancing their work and home life and learn strategies to balance commitments between these and avoid feelings of guilt.

Perhaps change in your life has left you feeling out of touch with yourself and what comes next? Or you feel stuck in a role that doesn’t fulfil you or provide growth opportunities? Maybe you feel trapped in an unhappy relationship or job? Or maybe your guilt about returning to work after having children is keeping you up at night. Working with a coach helps you navigate all of these situations with compassion and understanding.

A mentor for empowerment understands that the path to success and happiness is not always straightforward. They tailor their approach to be nurturing, practical and accommodating. Ambition, parenthood and consideration for self, do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts. Focused coaching can help you regain confidence, eliminate guilt and renew your passions.



Who can benefit from Personal Empowerment?


At Parallel Connections, we are focused on helping you bring about deeper change: no band aid approaches or quick fixes here. Our passion for mentoring means we want to help change ingrained behaviours or attitudes about yourself that have held you back.


We can support you with a departure or return to the workforce, assertiveness in the workplace, shifting your professional goals, leadership aspirations or goals, or remaining empowered through changes in your life.

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Ask Yourself


Do you dream of creating your own business?


Do you dream of being a successful in business?


Do you wish you could be a leader who inspires?

With our help, you can shift the course of your life and step into the better version of who you want to be.

So, What does the Empowerment Process look like?

Through detailed planning and goal setting, we can help you visualise the path to success and decide on next steps. With our support and practical, solution-centered plans, you actively pursue the vision until it becomes your reality. During the journey, we revise and refine the process to keep you on track. And of course, we celebrate the wins with you too!


Why Parallel Connections? 


 At Parallel Connections, we know that empowering yourself equals giving yourself a choice.

 After working with us, you will feel suported, purposeful, confident and have improved self-esteem. Our biggest hope for you is that you will have a renewed sense of self and will have found your voice, empowering you to live a fulfilled and happy life.  

 Ditch your inner critic, challenge the status quo, and take charge of your future with Parallel Connections, empowering you today for tomorrow. Call us today on 


Our Success Stories

“Daneen Littlejohn is the kind of person who instantly sets you at ease. Her warm and engaging personality encourages openness and frank discussions without feelings of self-consciousness or doubt.

With a formidable knowledge of what makes an individual succeed, she can completely transform any situation to extract the positives and encourage growth.

Her positive impact on my own mindset and confidence – as I have gradually felt my way to where I belong in the world – has been invaluable.”

Chloe D

Empowerment Coaching

“Daneen Littlejohn has been my mentor over the past year. From the first meeting Daneen’s energy was infectious and she believed in me for who I am.

Daneen always displays warmth, is compassionate, and has the true desire to see me succeed. I have seen tremendous progress in my growth since my sessions. Over time Daneen has helped me to push my boundaries and believe in myself and achieve my goals.

Thank you Daneen – I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. ”

Paulina N

Empowerment Coaching