Hi, I'm Daneen...


I am the founder of Parallel Connections and I get a kick out of helping people to connect with who they are. I truly care about how they feel and to help them have that ‘aha’ moment of insight.

My mission is to help individuals to recognise their blind spots, overcome barriers and to know what makes them behave the way they do so that they can develop the best version of who they really want to be…

My website is your resource tool for inspiration and direction to achieve something greater for yourself…


About Daneen…

Why do I do what I do?

I get a kick out of helping people to connect with who they are. I truly care about how they feel and to help them have that ‘aha’ moment of insight.

What is my Business?

Essentially my services centre around Leadership Coaching & Life Coaching with Behavioural Profiling as an optional resource support. Through coaching I help individuals to focus on enhancing their lives by becoming aware of who they truly are and aligning this with what they want. Finding their life compass. Learn more about Behavioural Profiling

What can coaching do for you?

The transformation from coaching helps you to gain insight, a sense of self-awareness, reflecting on your life and uncover new perspectives. These avenues help to improve your approach to reactions in various circumstances while increasing your knowledge. It’s about discovering building blocks to uncover and set goals, commit and fire up your determination to follow through – plus, gain momentum towards defining your better self.

What have I experienced in my career?

My work experience includes varied management roles in the tourism industry. I have engaged and led teams from 8 to 80, working across barriers including language, culture and geography – the known and the unknown. To be effective, I have had to adjust my leadership style to suit individual personalities and to meet the changing dynamics of a team or partnership. Team dynamics and capacity to resolve conflict are necessities I learned early. Learn more about Team Dynamics

What can behavioural profiling help you with?

Like fingerprints we are all unique and having insight into your own ‘uniqueness’ is pretty cool. You get to uncover who you are by learning how you behave to stuff – how you truly react. Knowing who you are at your core – at your most natural – and exploring what actions drain your energy, arms you to better plan your interactions, goals and next steps. You don’t know what you don’t know and so, with your behavioural profile you will … umm ‘know’.

How has coaching featured in my work?

Early in my career I worked on a business regeneration project to pretty much restructure a company. The process was quite intense and involved many one-to-one and team counselling and coaching meetings to ensure that the process was fair and respectful across varied cultural barriers. Most recent, I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching a mix of individual clients and SME’s to set and achieve goals, plan better, improve communication, gain clarity and step up performance.

What does empowerment help with?

Consider for a moment the power from unlocking your behavioural conditioning and unlearning all the things you learned from others who were broken and learning themselves. Now imagine building your self-esteem and stepping into your newfound confidence while embracing new perspectives. Pretty amazing and life changing! Learn more about Empowering Yourself


Parallel Connections logo for website

Signifies being aligned to our client’s aspirations and how we support our clients to achieve these and bring them to life.


Our Business Name

Parallel Connections



The name symbolises the lateral connection between who we are as a person at our core, and who we show the world we are…

Most often, this relates to who we are personally and who we are professionally, and it can relate to the two sides of our personality – our ego and our true self.  For some it is about who they were in their past versus their present.

Our two sides rarely meet as we naturally protect who we are at our core. The key is to develop your awareness so that your two sides have a continuous flow in the same direction, and you are not working at odds with what you truly want for yourself.

what makes a person tick parallel connections



Do you ever wonder what makes you tick as a person?

You know the person you show at work (versus) you at home when you are at your most comfortable (versus) the person you think you are, or more so who you want to be?

Do you ever feel you are holding back being more as a person?


At Parallel Connections, we help you – our client – to connect the dots between your two sides and to be authentically who you are, which we achieve through behavioural profiling. It is all about helping you to uncover your unconscious patterns holding you back. 


Do you ever find yourself frustrated, trying to do everything yourself and your team in a state of disregard?


Take it to the next level and learn how behaviour and inadvertent reaction impacts your team at a deeper level. Uncover their potential relationship with uncertainty and pressures.

Discover how they relate to one another and work as a team or not. Help your team to improve their performance by you learning to see the parallel connection between who they are at their most natural and how they function in their role at work.

maximise your potential

Collaborative Coaching Experience to support Leadership Coaching & Personal Coaching

No matter who you are – collaborative coaching can help you gain clarity, set and smash goals to reach new heights. At Parallel Connections, we focus on developing a successful coaching partnership, to support and motivate your success!