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Have you ever considered how business coaching could benefit you? Are you wanting to re-enter the workforce but are unsure how to stand out? Perhaps you have dedicated years to your role but feel you lack direction or the ability to inspire Your team?


Coaching for Leaders, Teams and Women Empowerment


Empowering Women

With women underrepresented in every facet of the workforce, Parallel Connections is doing its part by empowering women to ask for and expect more.

team dynamic

Team Dynamic

Wanting to improve the team dynamic in your workplace? At Parallel Connections we specialise in building strong teams that optimise performance.


Leadership Coaching

Calling all leaders! If you want to be in a position of leadership or desire to be a more effective leader then leadership coaching is ideal for you.


Who Can Benefit from Business Coaching & Personal Mentoring

Is your team disjointed, their productivity and engagement lacking? Do you wonder if you are in the right role? Are you frequently distracted or disengaged at work or find that you using so much energy to do complete simple tasks?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you could benefit from business and personal coaching.

Business coaching is beneficial for virtually everyone. Individuals, small to medium enterprise and corporate businesses alike can all achieve greater success through business coaching and mentoring. Some benefits of business coaching include:


Mentoring to develop your skills and give you more confidence in your abilities.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning to help optimise performance. Current practices can be examined, and newer, targeted ones implemented

developed understanding

A more developed understanding of how you process things and engage with others, and in turn, how your colleagues do the same. This is done through non-judgemental DISC personality and behavioural assessment.

organisational change management

Implementing organisational change management by focusing on achieving personal and professional goals.


Empowerment, particularly for women in the workforce, to help overcome feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

Improved profits

Improved profits. When you have clear goals, renewed drive and the tools to make positive change, your business becomes more efficient. A fresh perspective can also help you reduce waste or discard unnecessary expenses.

implement new strategies

Support to implement new strategies. A new idea is great but having someone to coach you through its implementation keeps you on track, meaning you are more likely to be successful.

Enhanced communication skills

Enhanced communication skills which decreases conflict and increases connection with others.

Helping You Achieve Success

 Not Convinced Coaching is for you.

According to the Institute Of Coaching:

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.”

Increased Self-Confidence

Improved Work Performance

More Effective Communication Skills

Improved Personal and Professional Relationships


How to Choose a Coach?

Effective business coaching is dependent on selecting the right coach for you or your business and is integral to how successful the coaching will be. The right business coach and mentor for you is someone you can trust.

You should feel they genuinely understand your situation both personal and professional and you should feel comfortable to share your thoughts. It is through openness that your business coach will help you uncover what is holding you back.

 Once you have decided who will help you with business coaching … the rest is up to you and how committed you are to play hard and achieve your goals!


Why Choose Us?

At Parallel Connections we specialise in business coaching. We want to support you and give  you the tools to achieve all of your professional aspirations. Through our tailored coaching programs, we give you the tools for long-term, actionable change that leads to professional success.

 Let us help you to create freedom and opportunities in your professional life. From individual leadership goals in the corporate world to start-ups, small business coaching and established businesses, Parallel Connections business coaching services can help.

 Be curious about your potential and call us to help you uncover all that you can be!



What does a Coach do?

At Parallel Connections, we start by getting to know you. Where are you at now, where do you want to be and how do you plan to get there? We understand that individuals and businesses have unique needs and challenges, so we tailor our approach accordingly.

Once we understand the core purpose behind the need for coaching, we will then follow some tried and true steps to get you on your way. Rather than just dream about what you want, we can help you take action and achieve it.


Once we outline your goals, we will workshop strategies with you to achieve these. Goals may be financial, operational, marketing-based, efficiency-related, focused on team dynamics or a promotion. No matter what you are striving for, we can help you achieve it.


Once we know the ‘what’ we move on to the ‘how’. We provide you with proven methods and tools to help you build a workable process towards achieving your goals. We focus on ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in these processes.


Need help to stay motivated and implement these new strategies? Our expert coaching will guide and support you through the execution of each step. Part of this execution is to establish timelines, KPI’s, goals and set actions. We keep you accountable and focused so your hard work can come to fruition. 


The path to success is rarely without incident, this is why we help you regularly check your progress. Regularly reviewing your goals, objectives and KPIs means you can change or refine your strategies as needed, helping to ensure you achieve your objectives, no matter what happens along the way.


Informative Inspiration

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